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At Aurora , we believe every patient is unique and every experience is different. During our consultations, we will speak to you about the most appropriate methods of treatment and services for your individual situation.

Aurora Reproductive Care will be implementing changes to their fee schedule on November 1, 2017.


Fee Schedule

Service Description Cost
IVF Fees
IVF Cycle Includes evaluation, scheduling of treatment, orientation, cycle monitoring, surgical and anesthetic fees, lab fees, transfer of fresh embryos $6700 + medication
ICSI Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection; Fee added to basic IVF $1500
Egg Freezing Cycle Includes evaluation, scheduling of treatment, orientation, cycle monitoring, surgical and anesthetic fees, lab fees, transfer of fresh embryos $6700 + medication
IVF Cancellation Fee Fee charged to patients if an IVF cycle is cancelled prior to retrieval $1200
Embryo Cryopreservation Embryo vitrification, including the first year storage $800
IVF Conversion from Super Ovulation Includes cycle monitoring, surgical and anesthetic fees, lab fees, and fresh embryo transfer $5000
Assisted Hatching Includes procedure and lab fees $400
Medication Costs Costs vary depending on required dosage $2000 to $6000
Known Egg Donor IVF Cycle Includes evaluation, scheduling, orientation, cycle monitoring, etc. for egg donor and recipient $8200
Gestational Carrier IVF Cycle Includes evaluation, scheduling, orientation, cycle monitoring, etc. for gestational carrier and intended parent $8200
Transfer and Storage Fees
Frozen Embryo Transfer Includes cycle scheduling and monitoring, procedures, and lab fees $1500
Egg Thaw, Fertilization, and Embryo Transfer Includes thawing of eggs, ICSI fertilization, embryo culture, and fresh embryo transfer $4000
Yearly Storage of Frozen Embryos Includes storage, administration and lab fees. *GST is included $265
Andrology Fees
Testicular Biopsy or TESE, PESA Surgical sperm extraction; includes cryopreservation, surgeon’s fee, and one year storage $1500
Sperm Cryopreservation Sperm freezing, including the first year storage $400
Yearly Storage of Frozen Sperm Includes storage, administration and lab fees. *GST is included $265
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Partner or donor
Out of Province
Donor Sperm Handling Fee Includes accepting and processing donor sperm samples (Paid each time sperm arrives in the lab, regardless of the number of samples) $100
Other Fees
Harmony Non-invasive Prenatal Testing $525
Embryo/Sperm Handling Fee Includes coordinating the shipment of embryos or frozen sperm between Aurora and another clinic $250
IVF Satellite Monitoring Fee Includes coordination and monitoring of IVF/frozen embryo transfer for other fertility centresCycle setup:
Aurora patients
Unreferred patients

Monitoring fees:
Ultrasound Fee
Bloodwork Fee

Consultation Fees
Telephone Consultation New patients $250
Telephone Review Active patients $150
Consultation Consultation for uninsured or non-referred patients (Consultation fees are insured for those with provincial health care coverage)  $250
General Office Fees
Form For short forms, or letters, to be completed for a 3rd party by physician $25
Form For long forms, or letters, to be completed for a 3rd party by physician $50
Photocopying or emailed Base fee for having a chart compiled and photocopied or emailed $25
Photocopying or emailed Fee per page for copying at Aurora $0.10


Aurora Reproductive Care Fee Schedule

Appointment Policy

When you book an appointment at Aurora, we reserve that time for you. We understand if you must reschedule an appointment, however due to the nature of the service we provide, and the demand for our services, we require 48 hours notice so that we can schedule another patient into your appointment time. If you miss an appointment and do not contact our office, you will be charged a fee based on the type of service you were scheduled to receive. Patients who miss more than three (3) appointments will not be rescheduled for future appointments.


We understand you may have questions about the financial aspect of your reproductive health care. Below are answers to some of the most common questions we receive from our patients.

Saskatchewan Health covers most of the costs to determine cause of infertility and the most appropriate course of treatment in your situation. This would include services like consultations, some ultrasounds, and fertility testing. The fees listed in the above Fee Schedule are not covered by Saskatchewan Health.
Most costs relating to your fertility treatment may be claimed as a medical expense on your income tax return. Section 118.2 of the Income Tax Act can provide more details on which treatments and medications qualify as a deductible expense. Be sure to save all your Aurora Reproductive Care receipts for income tax purposes. Aurora can also provide a list of appointment dates for travel expenses.
The cost of IVF for most of our patients ranges from $8,000 to $15,000. The total cost is dependent on a number of factors such as the amount of medication you require, if you have extra embryos you would like to freeze, etc.
We accept cash, debit card, Visa, and MasterCard. For large service fees, we also accept certified cheque and bank draft.
No. It is best to speak with a financial institution about arranging financing to pay for treatments. Some options they may offer include a bank loan or line of credit, using a financing company, or using a health trust if you are an incorporated or self-employed business owner.
Yes. We can coordinate and monitor your IVF or frozen embryo transfers from other fertility centres, including testing, treatment and prescriptions. We charge an IVF Satellite Monitoring Fee for this service.
Partial refunds may be given if for some reason, treatment cannot be completed. The refund will be based on administrative and/or treatment costs incurred before you cancel your treatment.
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